Neurofacial Release (“NFR”)

Sports Massage

Neurofacial Release (“NFR”)

NFR is a technique that is highly effective and to be bluntly honest – can be painful (to a degree and limits) resulting in a PAIN FREE BODY.  I believe the hardest part is breaking the mental brain barrier of fear and knowing perfectly well that your body part isn’t going to be detached from you. Scared you now but which part?

It untangles the highly active nerves near bones and joints (referred to as Fascia lines or trains) and why it is so painful is because it targets restriction and tightness of our internal casing called the neuro fascia (NERVES).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Neuro-fascia  contains 1,000 more pain receptors than muscle – Yes, you read that right!!!

Once the nerve is released, the muscles attached to that particular nerve line can then relax instantly. It’s that fast – pun intended. It also has the polar opposite effect – it can re-activate muscles that have been dormant as well…. Eg. pelvic floor in women after child birth and “leak no more” causing a muscle balance and incontinence to be no more!!

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