Energy (Universal Life Energy)

Therapist holding hands above head of the patient

Energy (Universal Life Energy)

Energy Healing has been around for a very long time, even centuries and why and when it became non-essential or forgotten is really a mystery in today’s time when it’s vitally needed in all the forms it comes in – its non religous and strengthens and unifies one’s self – physically, mentally spiritually.

It helps in reconnecting ourselves to mother nature – why do you think walking bare foot on the beach, grass at a park or dangling your feet off the dock in the water feels so darn good!!

Science has proven that connecting to the outdoors, like above, helps in detoxing not just the physical body, but alters the chemicals in our body so that we do feel better, eg. more relaxed and less stressed mentally, not as up-tight but now mellowed out and physically chilled, even allowing a higher spiritual awaken to occur when your are ready.

Even more amazing is being able to feel these changes through the latest treatment available – Reiki Massage – Yes, allowing you to feel both benefits of two (2) amazing types of treatments in one session.

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