Massage Physiology

Massage Physiology

Massage Physiology

Let’s talk about the endless benefits of massage and how it can improve every aspect of your life and help keep you in top form. Lets start the science!  Physiology is defined as the body’s functionality on a microscopic level and how the parts work. The basic factors that are required to constitute our survival needs are these:

1. NUTRIENTS – taken into the body through diet used for energy and building cells, 2. OXYGEN – cells cannot create energy without oxygen (*IMP NOTE related to a specific Taboo Massage) and chemical reactions that release energy from food are oxidative,

3. WATER (*VERY IMPORTANT) – Necessary for excretions & secretions and many chemical reactions,

4. NORMAL BODY TEMPERATURE – is 37C for optimal chemical reactions and 5. ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE – important for breathing & gas exchange (98.5F) and without it we cannot exchange air in our lungs for fresh air.

Massage has been around since the beginning of animals walking the earth and creatures living in the seas and oceans. It’s an instinctive action to rub up against something to get rid of the itch, to lick it clean so it doesn’t get infected, and sliding up against another to show support and affection.  The benefits of these actions are no different in our species.

The facts are, Massage can help in every aspect of our lives, the expectant mother whose body is growing with a newborn by helping to relieve the stress on her body, releasing hormones to relax and ultimately aiding in birth. A child who is experiencing growing pains and/or from activities benefits from massage by their muscles releasing the lactic acid built up in their muscles.  Active and busy teenagers who are under pressure of school grades and life feel calmer and lessen anxiety by endorphins (positive hormone) being released.  Being a busy working adult from having achy sore muscles and tension is released. Massage enhances everyone at every age level, and these are only a few examples, as Massage can also help in the recovery of surgery and medical aliments.

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