Neurofacial Release (“NFR”)

Sports Massage

NFR is a technique that is highly effective and to be bluntly honest – can be painful (to a degree and limits) resulting in a PAIN FREE BODY.  I believe the hardest part is breaking the mental brain barrier of fear and knowing perfectly well that your body part isn’t going to be detached from […]

Stretching – Why Don’t We Do It?


Stretching seems so easy to do, but for some reason as we mature and become wiser (as most of us become – ok, we think we are), we forget the importance of stretching our aged parts…… OR perhaps we need to call it what it is – DENIAL. When we are younger our muscles and […]

Massage Physiology

Massage Physiology

Let’s talk about the endless benefits of massage and how it can improve every aspect of your life and help keep you in top form. Lets start the science!  Physiology is defined as the body’s functionality on a microscopic level and how the parts work. The basic factors that are required to constitute our survival […]

Osteopathy: Frequently Asked Questions

Oesteopathy treatment

Q: Do I need a referral to see a Manual Osteopath?A: Although many clients are referred by their doctor, or another health care professional, this is not required, and you can make an appointment directly with your Manual Osteopath. Q: Is my treatment covered by my insurance company/benefits provider?A: Yes, most insurance companies who provide […]

How Does Osteopathy Work?

Ostepathy in action

Osteopathy cannot be defined by the techniques it uses, but by its goals: to bring harmony to the body, in order to allow the patient to enjoy a well-balanced frame, full of energy. The Osteopathic Manual Therapist will choose techniques depending on the patient’s need, body type, age, the amount of energy the patient has, […]