I’ve had headaches for two years straight- I’ve had every test, prescription, seen every doctor. Nothing has ever been found, and nothing has helped. After now seeing Dr. Tang for five months on a regular basis, his treatments are the only thing that has both physically and emotionally benefited me. The pain relief is immediate, and thanks to Ken my headaches have decreased by more than half!

There is more than just direct benefit from the treatments, there is also being listened to, feeling heard, the calmness of the centre and the room, the time, patience and care from Ken, as well as the conversation. It all adds up and every bit helps. Ken is very professional, Courteous, understanding and very compassionate.

I will continue to see Ken on a regular basis, as well as refer him to every person I know and meet.

When I first started working with Ken, regular fertility acupuncture treatments were part of my plan to give my upcoming IVF treatment my very best shot. My husband and I had been trying for eight years and we’d gone through numerous fertility treatments. In brief, we had experienced glimmers of hope…and a great deal of disappointment.

This time I was setting up to be able to say I’d done everything I could – leave from work, care for my emotional well-being, excellent nutrition, nurturing our marriage, appropriate exercise, etc. I had the growing sense that this would be our one last try.

Unbelievably, during the first month in Ken’s care, we conceived naturally! All of a sudden I was living the dream that I’d given up hoping for. Ken continued to provide me with support and a huge amount of reassurance through the first trimester, and beyond.

My healthy baby boy is now nine months old. I will always remember that Ken was part of helping my dream come true.

I enrolled for acupuncture with Dr. Ken this year and I am glad to say I did. I have been to various health professionals like physiotherapists, chiropractors etc for my back problem and none seemed to work until a friend of mine told me to try acupuncture.I have seen a massive improvement with my back and I am quite impressed with it through the help of Dr. Ken. Not only is he professional but he is friendly and easy to talk with. I plan to continue with the service until I no longer need it. I have told a few of my friends about Dr. Ken and hope they will visit him to see for themselves.

Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to continue to receive great service as I have.

Number 1 is I am afraid of needles. But after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and tension I really wanted to try acupuncture. Ken made the session relaxing and really explained to me what I needed to know about the process. Since then I go once a month and love it! I couldn’t imagine not having acupuncture as a regular visit. Ken is Amazing!! Thank you.

I used acupuncture treatments with Dr. Tang to relieve back pain and discomfort during pregnancy. Dr. Tang’s knowledge and his approachability made me feel comfortable and I felt informed every step of the way. Dr. Tang is a valuable addition to the therapeutic services offered by Peace of Mind.

I had tried acupuncture in the past for relief of tight muscles and anxiety and unfortunately it did not meet my expectations nor did the practitioner take the time to talk with me. Upon my first visit with Dr Tang he took the time to hear what my physical and mental ailments were and came up with a treatment plan. I have been going consistently now for 2 months and things just keep getting better. Dr Tang’s approach is very professional and compassionate. I would recommend Dr Tang to anyone who wants to explore acupuncture treatment.

From the first time I came to Peace of Mind, I have felt at home and taken care of. I have used a number of therapists and they are all amazing in their own right. They are experienced and friendly and have made me feel like they genuinely care about my well-being.

We are a family of 4 and we have been going to Peace of Mind Massage since the beginning. We are very pleased with the Centre. We now feel that we have a relationship with the owner and her staff. They are very welcoming, helpful and also discreet. The facility is spacious, comfortable, clean and very well managed. We would recommend this facility for your massage therapy in a heart beat!

I have been visiting Peace of Mind Massage since the Fall of 2010. I currently receive deep tissue massage and have been helped immensely. Before coming to Peace of Mind I felt everyday that I needed a massage. Since coming to Peace of Mind I am able to go almost a full two weeks feeling good and not experiencing the headaches that I had on a daily basis before. It is absolutely wonderful.

I have also been utilizing BodyTalk for over a year now which has helped me out with all types of health and emotional issues. The sense of relief I feel after having BodyTalk is great. The staff and owners at Peace of Mind always make me feel like I am important. I would recommend Peace of Mind to any of my friends. As a matter of fact I have done that already!

My husband and I have been utilizing the massage services at Peace of Mind for over 9 months now. We are always pleased with our experiences. From the friendly and welcoming greetings on the phone and at the door to the wonderful massage; the team at Peace of Mind is committed to health and wellness and it shows! Thank you for your kind support over the past year and relaxing massages!

I started going to Peace of Mind Massage in October 2010 when I was looking for additional improvements with my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. After my first treatment I had less pain and increased range of motion! I was astounded at the difference massage could make and continued with treatments at Peace of Mind Massage on a regular basis. In December 2010, I was in a serious car accident. While I was not well enough to have massage for several months, the owners encouraged me to even come and sit and relax and just have a visit. They really cared how I was and definitely went above and beyond. I am now back at Peace of Mind Massage having massage to assist in the healing of my injuries. The results have been excellent and I will continue to be a regular client of Peace of Mind Massage.

When you walk into Peace of Mind Massage you are greeted by gentle music, and a warm fireplace which help you relax. You are always greeted with a smile and a kind word by the owners or one of their friendly receptionists. The owners have done an excellent job at creating an atmosphere which is inviting and peaceful. The therapists that are part of their team are very experienced, highly skilled and friendly. I have referred friends and family knowing that they will benefit from the professional yet friendly service at Peace of Mind Massage.

Awesome diversified therapists! Had a massage by Brett, attention to my problem areas where handled with such care, attention to muscular & ligament issues I required and as a therapist to another – awesome job!!

I found out about Peace of Mind massage therapy centre back in October of 2010 through a fall event at my work. I have spent many years hopping from one massage clinic to another trying to find a place where the therapists are really good at a price that is reasonable and one where I am able to get an appointment without tons of notice. With POMM I finally found it!
It’s so nice to now have a place where I can go to whenever I am in need of a massage. What I love most at POMM is that I am almost always able to get in to see a therapist on short notice and although I have a couple favourite therapists, all the therapists are fantastic (I think I’ve tried 5 of them)—which works out great when I don’t have a chance to book in advance but can feel confident that I’ll still get an awesome massage.

Other aspects that make it my favourite place for massage is that it’s new, very clean, has a nice relaxing environment/ambience, the owners & staff are super friendly and down to earth, they offer discount packages and also a discount for the company I work for. Even without the discount it is still well worth it! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend POMM to anyone and in fact have told all my friends, family and co-workers to try them out!

From the relaxing environment to the focused massages, Peace of Mind really does provide you with an extraordinary stress relieving experience. Convenient location, reasonable rates, very clean and nice decor. The staff are friendly and helpful and they actually deliver. Highly recommended for a great, therapeutic massage! I have been a client since they opened – and plan to remain one for years to come.

After visiting Peace of Mind Massage, I am now a seasoned massage therapy “goer”; although not as often as I would like to be. I can tell you that the experiences are “top notch”. The therapist was extremely professional, used some techniques I had never experienced before but certainly enjoyed, and would welcome going back again in a heartbeat. In fact I went back to work the next day and raved about the experience to fellow colleagues!

Peace of Mind is the first Massage Therapy Centre my family and I have approached in terms of full body massages! We have always felt welcome, and it’s just a great feeling to be there. The staff is always friendly, approachable and respectful.

The Spa [Centre] maintains good hygiene, and give out water bottles after each treatment! It has a clam atmosphere, so I have not had a therapist rush through to finish within the appointment time. They are always careful to make sure that we are comfortable through the process. They use really good body lotions and oils.

My family and I have tried their Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point massages, and they are all great! We have yet to try their Hot & Cold Stone Massages. Everyone at the Spa [Centre] builds such a good relationship with their clients that we love to go back every time!

Peace of Mind has really helped us to have a healthy lifestyle. Staff at Peace of Mind are very knowledgeable about what they do. They always give you advice that’s good for you.

I truly enjoy coming to Peace of Mind. The environment is lovely and peaceful, but it’s the service and personal connection that makes the biggest impact on me. I work as a Life Coach and these days, you just don’t see connection much in the service industry. You’ve done a fabulous job. Thank you all so much.