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Peace of Mind Massage

Pin Klein

POMMTC Ornamental
Thai Massage Therapist
Assisting the mind and soul in becoming more in tuned with the body through massage

Pin grew up in Thailand and moved to Canada in 2002. Pin attended Massage school in Canada and in Thailand, and is registered with the National Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPC). Pin has worked for various spas, Chiropractic clinics, and Rehabilitation centres since 2010.  Pin is trained in the following modulaties; Swedish massage, Orthopedic massage, Shiatsu massage, Pressure point, cupping and Thai massage.   Thai massage is an ancient healing practice that combines acupressure and assisted yoga postures and Shiatsu massage uses the fingers and thumbs to apply pressure to various areas on the body to relive stress and treat pain. Pin’s specialty is working on the neck, shoulders, and upper back areas. The techniques she utilizes work well for relieving migraine headaches and stress.