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Some quick updates from Imy and Arzeen!

Ask anyone that knows us well, and they’ll tell you that our lives are crazy…crazy good that is. Raising our family, serving both our faith and local community, and running our business has been an adventure to say the least and we love every moment! What we found though, was that taking time out for ourselves and coming to a peaceful state of mind has made life that much more manageable and made space for more to come in. We needed a way to recharge and heal, and together, we wanted to create a space that would allow others to feel the Peace of Mind we feel, when life gets to be a little too much, because there are moments when it just does.

Peace of Mind for us means being able to allow your mind to step into a space where you can surrender and let go…even for just a few minutes. We believe that if you let your mind relax, your body can relax as well, which allows healing to take place on a much deeper level; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Our vision since we opened our Centre in Panorama Hills back in 2010 has been and continues to be, to provide our clients with Peace of Mind and an Exceptional Customer Service Experience. We’ve taken a step back to look at what is important to our clients and staff and we’ve been working hard to create a new website which is launching today! There will be new and exciting content to provide you with resources and education on treatments and services we offer. We’ll also be sharing our experiences and insights on how to maintain your Peace of Mind when you leave our centre. Most importantly, you’ll get to hear what our practitioners have to say about the treatments they offer, the benefits, and why they are important; as well as so many more interesting ideas, articles, opinions and facts on health and well-being.

Imy and Arzeen

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